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  About us

Our company has been active under the name of „Pro Media“ since 1991. However our experiences in the PR business date back much further. The increasing amount of business lead to the foundation of “Halbroth Pro Media GmbH” (an incorporated limited company under German law ) in the year 2007.

The directors are:

Rolf Halbroth, MCIM, HITM
Gerhild Halbroth

It is our very target to ensure a high return on investment for our customers. As an owner-lead agency we ensure low overheads. In terms of size the organization adapts to the customer needs: we aim to transform costs into lasting positive results for our customers.

Since March 2008 we operate an office in Berlin in addition to our office in Rodgau near Frankfurt.

We began collecting our experiences in the PR business as early as in the sixties. It startet with local PR work for a division of the German forces and continued with PR and marketing for an association of the food trade.

Internal communications and staff trainings for two global players – a care hire company and a fast food chain – followed. Crisis communications was very much wanted in the 80ies when the German fish industry had to fight the bad image of their products due to some TV reports.

Meanwhile we command a wealth of communicational experience in industries like chemicals, food, travel and transport and hotels/restaurants – just to mention a few.

Over the years we have been working for international institutions (i.e. NGOs) too.

So: Why not profit from what we know?