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  Media- and Public Relations

We are your consultants in how to organise and carry out your Media activities. But we do more than that.
We – together with you – develop concepts and communications measures and even carry out whole communications campaigns for you from a mailing to a big event.

All communicational tools and measures we would recommend for the success of your campaign can be produced by us. From advert to video, from brochure to corporate music, we can produce literally everything – either inhouse or with affiliated partners. This saves you excessive correction loops, does away with repeated briefings and re-briefings – it plainly saves money and speeds up the process.

In certain cases the products or news you want to communicate can not be launched through the usual channels of print- or electronical media. You might want to go for special customer or media events to create a higher visibility and awareness.

Be it a press conference or a big public event – we organise everything for you, from invitation to letters of thanks.