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  Issues Management

If companies would give more attention to Issues Management – some major crises would never had happened at all. Issues are generally information realted to an enterprise or an industry which circulate within the company, the media and also on the internet (blogs, podcasts) mostly below the awareness threshold of the management. Besides, the enterprises or the industry itself must not necessarily be the triggers of the issue which fuel the discussion.

SARS is an example of an issue which brought the travel industry in heavy distress although it had nothing to do with the occurrence of the illness itself. The turnovers slumped dramatically an issue became an severe and long lasting crisis.

A way to save a company from being negatively influenced by issues that might turn into a crisis is to monitor the so called “early signals”. Experience shows that many issues which later turned into a crisis had found their way into the internet as rumors or discussion items in chatrooms or blogs. Undetected by the company in question.

Can you afford not to know what’s going on there outside your company?