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  Crisis Communications

Suddenly it’s there: a fully blown crisis. Out of the blue. A strike, an accident, political or military developments or a production process that went out of control. How well are you prepared to answer the questions of staff shareholders and the public?

Especially companies with complex production processes are usually technically well prepared for crises happening in their production lines. But does that apply for the media work too? Unprofessional statements from employees who are not meant to be spokespersons fort he company but are on location coincidentally, management that hides in the crisis management team rather than talking to the public to win over the public. The result: a total loss of confidence by the audience.

Optimized crisis communications is based on the anticipation of possible crisis scenarios. Because: what ever may happen will happen at some stage. Be prepared, have a team well trained to cope with all aspects of communicational crisis management: professionality in times of crises is easily proven by continuous and open communications, by continuous visibility of the company and its management and by the fact that the company produces the news and not the media.

Together with you we can limit the possible damage any crisis might create for your company.