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  Corporate Communications

Today not only the value of an enterprise at the stock exchange, but also the perception by customers and public is determined more than ever before by the communication measures of an enterprise.

Reality is what the recipient perceives – regardless whether product quality is excellent or the share price is rising. Whithout a sufficient level of trust with the media and with the public, a company might quickly see itself in the middle of a public controversy.

Corporate Communications means tells to identify the target groups relevant for the communication, to identify the adequate communication channels and - on the basis of a communication strategy – continuously feed those channels with the „good news“.

Corporate Communications serves to define the image the public has of your company yourself – and not have it defined by someone else. However, Corporate Communications also means to communicate proactively, not reactively, and to put up a professional organization which can cope with the communicational tasks.

Professional communication requires a good organisation, a good strategy and clarity about who talks on which subject when with whom. We can help you to shape up your organisation in order to give your news a better chance on their way through the media channels.